Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where Does The Time G?

Goodness, it's February already? Well, time just flies by quickly!

I know that I promised to try and update y'all daily on my progress with the leg, but life has gotten hectic - in a good way- and honestly, I didn't think you all wanted to hear what's really going on in this head of mine :)

I want to say first, that I am so thankful to be at this part of the journey, I never take that for granted. I am very thankful for the gift of life I have been given. I went in for my 3 months scans again a couple of weeks ago and everything is still clear. PTL! Nothing concerning and I'll go back in April.

The leg has been a challenge, but I knew it would be. What it didn't know is that my pain level would increase as a result of wearing it and that it would be THIS difficult and exhausting not just physcially, but mentally.

I am working on wearing my leg daily, I have PT multiple times a week and right now my goal is just to wear it for longer periods of time and to put one crutch away. I am trying hard to focus on the big picture here. I know that I hate this, yes, I do HATE it, right now, but before long I will (so I'm told) not know how I did without this thing.

Ok, so there's my quick update for those of you wondering. :)

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