Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Small Leopard Print Things In Life

For those of you that are wondering, I had my second fitting today. It did not go very well. The company it was shipped to that is supposed to be "specialists" in this very area (specific to my very type of socket) must have changed the mold a great deal and messed it up quite a bit. It was extremely uncomfortable. I couldn't take a single step with this one. So painful in fact that I nearly passed out at one point and had to sit down for a while. This one should have been 10x's better than the last one, mind you. Dr. Jack was extremely disappointed and upset over this. He has decided to do all of the work at his office locally from here on out to ensure the highest quality. I have another appt. on Tuesday of next week and I will try out another test socket.

This is delaying me bringing my leg home a great deal. We are leaving for Disney on the 20th and I was really hoping to have it by then. I had hoped that I would have been able to practice with it, so that at Disney I would be well accustomed to it and would be walking unassisted.

I'm not upset or disappointed, surprisingly. I have peace about all of this. It's strange, actually, because I wasn't even excited about going today. I felt very hesitant about the whole process. I think that the Lord had given the grace already, Him knowing that I would be further away from my anticipated goal of bringing it home. So, I did not at all feel as if my hopes had been dashed. Of course, I would love to be that much closer to having that leg, but I have a surreal peace. I know that I have been through so much already that getting this leg is going to be great, but honestly, I'm fine without it too. It will happen in His timing. I am just grateful to be OK with being on His timetable and that He is giving me grace that is all sufficient.

On a happier note, I bought some shoes this past weekend for the first time in several years. I bought the cutest leopard print ballerina flats. I knew that I needed to bring a pair of shoes today, left one included. I don't wear tennis shoes much, only at the gym really. So the logical thing for the Dr may be for me to bring good shoes, like tennis shoes for instance, but to me that just isn't logical because I never wear them. So, I brought my cute new leopard print shoes, because well, that is the kind of thing I'll be wearing. Plus, my Barbie leg deserves to have some sassy shoes ;) I think my Dr. got quite a kick out of this. And I got so much joy looking down at my TWO matching shoes on my TWO feet. :) That was enough for me today. Knowing that I will have TWO matching shoes to wear in the future. And super-cute shoes at that ;) Sometime it's the small leopard print things in life that make you happy :)

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