Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Legs: One Crafted By The Creator. One Crafted By Man. Both A Gift & A Blessing From My Heavenly Father

First there were two, then there was one and now there shall be two again! Legs that is! There shall be two legs again!! And this new leg will be a high-tech, extremely durable, cancer-resistant, barbie leg! Oh, did I mention that it won't have any cellulite and my thigh will ALWAYS stay the same size. And oh yeah, I'll have two legs again. Did I mention that? Walking, jogging, running skipping, dancing.

Ok, seriously, I love my one leg. I love hopping and don't feel limited in the slightest. I'm happy just the way I am. After all, this is how the Lord intended me to be. A one-legged, pirate hoppin' Momma! I'm A-O.K. with that.

What an age we live in though that not only was the cancer able to be detected before my very life succumbed to it, but they were able to remove that part of my body that was infected and I healed from it. Yes, I healed. Actually, the Lord healed me. Mind, body, spirit and soul. And now, that amazingly wonderful technology that the Lord blessed the minds of men with to save my life will go one step further and enable me to walk again. On my own TWO legs. And yes, I will consider this prosthetic MY leg. My perfect, lovely, God-sent leg. Made especially for me. My "natural" (if you will) left leg was crafted by the great Creator while I was still in my Mother's womb. He knew then that I would lose it. That some of those cells would go astray and that they would cause the loss of that very limb. Why? We shall never know and honestly I don't care to. It's not for me to ask. I trust my Maker and what He is doing with my life and my limbs. This new leg my Creator has also designed for me. He has put the very intelligence into the mind of man that will lend itself to the building of my new leg. What a gift my legs have been!

Today I met with Dr. Jack (My Prosthetic Dr.) to begin the process. He was very pleased with the amount of weight I have lost, 20 pounds to date-8 more to go- and the amount of physical exercise I have been doing! He said not to stress or concern myself anymore with losing weight, that it will come off quickly once I get my prosthetic and start using it. Today he took several measurements. We talked in great detail about the process. There was A LOT of information to absorb! He showed me what my knee & foot will look like. They are SO cool. I will have a Triton foot and a Total Knee that is Polycentric, sliding & gliding. The technologies behind these two components are amazing! I simply can't wait to get that leg and start walking with it!! I go back on November 2 which is next Wednesday. 1 WEEK! I will spend the whole day there getting measured, cast, fitted, remeasured and so forth. They will basically make a temporary socket & leg mold to work from in order to build the actual prosthetic. The specialist will be flying in on this day to assist in all of this. I am told that he is the best of the best. I will not leave with a leg that day. It will take them about one week to build my leg. I should have it around about November 9th. I haven't been given a firm delivery date, but it should be around that time frame. They build it right there in Ft. Walton at Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics. I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazing Dr so close to home.

Once I receive my leg the hard work begins. Learning to walk again. I know that it is going to be difficult and at times downright frustrating, but I am so up for the challenge that I can't even explain how little the process intimidates me! I'm not concerned at all. My goal is to be walking at Disney World when we go for Christmas. I know that having that goal in sight will push me! A friend of mine said something this weekend that helped me to once again put everything into perspective and take such joy in learning to do things again. He said "It's like you get to do everything for the first time!" I thought, Yeah! I do, how awesome is that. How often do we lose our ability to be in wonder, awe and marvel at the small things we do that we have taken for granted? Every small thing that I can do is just a testimony to how amazing my God is to perform this miracle in my life - in case you ever wondered, YES! He is still performing miracles daily!!

Small things that I have gotten to do lately:
Cook for hours on end
Start my own business
Clean my entire house (and I mean DEEP clean) by myself!
Going to the gym
Swinging on a swing
Going through a corn maze

Goals that I have for the future:
Learn how to ride a bike
Start running/jogging
Go rock climbing
Go hiking

I know that I can do all things through Christ. I have set my mind to never allow myself to be limited. I praise the Lord for pushing me out of the fear of what I may not be able to do into the confidence of knowing that I can do all things through Him!

I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you all for your prayer! Much love & abundant blessing to you!!


  1. Yippee! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures of you up and about on that new leg! :) God is such a good God!

  2. what a wonderful GOD we serve!! :-) you are"walking" miracle and expression of HIS great love for us. GOD bless ♥ ya girl.

  3. What an awesome BLESSING!!! I am estatic for you and can't wait! Love you girl!